Arensus Crossword Player

Let the user solve crosswords on Android. The crosswords are downloaded from the internet.


Developer: Oxonom

Category: Games

Latest version: [unnamed]

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 21 Jan 2008

Updated: 30 Oct 2008


Let the user solve crosswords on Android. The crosswords are downloaded from the internet. The main Android Activities are Browser, Crossword-List and Crossword-Player.

In the browser, the user navigates to the website of choice and downloads crosswords. Crossword-Player Activity will be launched and the crossword can be solved. Through a Crossword-Provider, the crossword is stored in local file system and the player status is stored in a SQLite database.

Crossword Player

The player supports standard crosswords, Swedish-style crosswords and barred crosswords.

Crosswords are scalable and invoked through zoom-in and zoom-out in the menu.

View port can be scrolled. Blue dashed lines indicate that there is more to be seen on that side.

Revealed-status on top/right corner. Red for wrong letter and thus revealed letter. Green for correct letter.

Checked-status on bottom/left corner. Red for wrong letter. Green for correct letter.

The following status will be stored and restored:

  • Scale factor.
  • Top/left position of view
  • Played time.
  • Current crossword field.
  • Current direction.
  • All letters for each field.
  • All checked status of each field.
  • All revealed status of each field.

Crossword Sources

Download crosswords from websites in the PUZ format or APZ format.

Create own crosswords using 'Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor' and share them among friends.

Unfinished Tasks

  • Support dragging of crossword.
  • Speed optimizations.
  • Preferences: Timer
  • Remove frames/second
  • To uppercase revealed letters.
  • Optimize unused viewport space.
  • Sound effects.
  • Help documents.
  • Software keyboards for entering letters without hardware buttons.

Unsolved Problems

  • Intercept APZ and PUZ downloads from the web browser and start player activity.

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