Craigsnotifica is a Android app that lets you receive notifications when new stuff posted to craigslist.


Developer: BuzzBox, Inc.

Category: Shopping

Latest version: 2.76

Total versions: 6

Submitted: 1 Aug 2010

Updated: 22 Nov 2010


Craigsnotifica can track your local Craigslist site (you have to set up your location) and notify you when your have some changes there.

After specifying your location and setting up few preferences, you can start adding trackers.

Features overview:
- Create templates to respond to craigslist ads
- Multiple craigslist regions
- Notification filter


Craigsnotifica 2.76 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Craigsnotifica 2.76:

- Fancy long tap context menu
- Fixed "Browse categories" with issues on some phones

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Craigsnotifica. If you are aware of a newer version of Craigsnotifica or an older one, which is not listed here, please feel free to add it!

Craigsnotifica 2.60

Description/changelog of Craigsnotifica 2.60:

- Fixed thumbnails not loading - Fixed vancouver missing - Faster app


Craigsnotifica 2.57

Description/changelog of Craigsnotifica 2.57:

- Download is faster
- Optimized first experience
- OR searches fixed for EVO


Craigsnotifica 2.55

Description/changelog of Craigsnotifica 2.55:

- Fix force close on < 1.6 devices


Craigsnotifica 2.54

Description/changelog of Craigsnotifica 2.54:

- Fixed issues for some people loosing data on low memory cases


Craigsnotifica 2.53

Description/changelog of Craigsnotifica 2.53:

- Highlight price and neighborhood on listing
- Performance improvements
- Fixed neighborhoods
- Fixed various force-close issues
- Feedback when images are loading

- Fixed errors when replying to ads due to site's change to response code
- Neighborhood filtering

- Fixed force close on add page

- Fixed not problems with updates on some devices
- Fixed repetitive force-close issue with some devices
- Optimized memory footprint
- Added "delete expired" button when image loading is enabled in the list

- Regions button on search criteria

- Captcha on personals category

- 4G wimax issue fixed
- Faster "mark all as read"



Communications (216)
Entertainment (256)
Finance (63)
Games (176)
Health (92)
Multimedia (117)
News (37)
Productivity (230)
Reference (146)
Shopping (61)
Sports (58)
System (160)
Travel (104)


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