With Dazzle one can create multiple switcher widgets for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, airplane mode, and brightness controls.


Developer: Moonblink

Category: System

Latest version: 2.7

Total versions: 7

Submitted: 11 Nov 2010

Updated: 11 Nov 2010


Dazzle is a configurable switcher widget for Android devices that allows you to create one or more switcher widgets, in four sizes, with your choice of controls.

You can choose from WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, airplane mode, and brightness controls. On supported devices, brightness lets you toggle between auto and manual modes.

The app was written by Ian Cameron Smith (aka as headstay) and released under GPL.

Requirements: Dazzle requires Android 1.6 or later. The Bluetooth control is only supported by Android itself from version 2.0 on.

Web site: http://code.google.com/p/moonblink/wiki/Dazzle


Dazzle 2.7 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Dazzle 2.7:

Released: October 22, 2010.
- New switchers added.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Dazzle. If you are aware of a newer version of Dazzle or an older one, which is not listed here, please feel free to add it!

Dazzle 2.6

Description/changelog of Dazzle 2.6:

Released: July 1, 2010.
- Set install options for Android 2.2; as it's a widget, internal only (Version 2.5 was a mistake).


Dazzle 2.4

Description/changelog of Dazzle 2.4:

Released: June 12, 2010.
- Fixed brightness not to stick on Min. Removed unneeded GPS permission.


Dazzle 2.2

Description/changelog of Dazzle 2.2:

Released: April 26, 2010.
- Added one-touch controls and radio control; add a brightness control only if no other controls are added.


Dazzle 2.1

Description/changelog of Dazzle 2.1:

Released: April 18, 2010.
- Added sync and ringer controls, and error catching for debug; better icons; fixed an force close bug.


Dazzle 2.0

Description/changelog of Dazzle 2.0:

Released: April 11, 2010.
- Supports Android devices from Android version 1.6 on.


Dazzle 1.0

Description/changelog of Dazzle 1.0:

Released: March 21, 2010.
- Supported on Moto Droid and Nexus One only.



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