Ghost Radar Classic

Ghost Radar Classic is an Android app for entertainment that analyzes nearby energies to detect paranormal activity.


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Developer: Spud Pickles

Category: Productivity

Total versions: 0

Submitted: 16 Oct 2014

Updated: 16 Oct 2014


Ghost Radar Classic is the original version of the Ghost Radar app. It is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity.

Ghost Radar for Android attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various sensors on the device on which it is running. Like traditional paranormal detecting equipment Ghost Radar employs sensors that measure electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds. However, traditional paranormal equipment can be easily fooled when simple mundane bursts of normal electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds occur. Ghost Radar sets itself apart by analyzing the readings from sensors giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made.

Ghost Radar Classic employs a proprietary algorithm to analyze the quantum flux. This application does not detect EMF nor gravity. Interpretations of the sensor readings are displayed graphically as blips on the radar along with numeric and textual readouts on the VOX.

Results from this app may vary and cannot be verified scientifically and therefore should be used for entertainment purposes.


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