Prisjakt aka PriceSpy is an app for Android that searches for products by text or barcode, finds the cheapest or closest to you shop.


Developer: XMS Developers

Category: Shopping

Latest version: 1.2.5

Total versions: 27

Submitted: 1 Aug 2010

Updated: 19 Aug 2010


Prisjakt is mostly useful in Sweden, Norway and New Zealand. With it you can search for products per country by text or barcode, find the cheapest shop or the closest one - including navigation and calling, see user ratings and options.


Prisjakt 1.2.5 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.2.5:

- First multi language and multi site release. Note: the servers in Norway and New Zealand should be considered beta for now. There is less data and some parts are not yet final for mobile use.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Prisjakt. If you are aware of a newer version of Prisjakt or an older one, which is not listed here, please feel free to add it!

Prisjakt 1.2.0

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.2.0:

- Integration with Inventory by "Share" and reverse in the list. Note: Adjusted server protocol. You must upgrade soon as the old is phased out. Gui tunning.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.1.3

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.1.3:

- Quicker internal help. Minor fixes. Note. Known X10 specific bug fixed in latest Barcode Scanner.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.1.2

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.1.2:

- Trimmed some button sizes. Two buttons fixed to work in 1.5 too.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.1.1

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.1.1:

- Categories - drill down, filter and sort. Incremental loading of products. Crossreferences against classic search.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.1.0

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.1.0:

- Flick sideways between multiple images in product details.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.9

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.9:

- Share product links in the menu - lists suitable installed applications.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.8

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.8:

- Fix for 1.5. Now catches trace automatically for future issues.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.7

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.7:

- Better image handling (primarily for hires screens). Larger price history sized for the screen. Better workaround for 2.0 map issue.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.6

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.6:

- Clear search history. Further 2.0 tuning - details in Help&Tips.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.5

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.5:

- Compression of search results to the less than 25% - loss traffic costs, uses less battery and runs a bit faster.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.4

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.4:

- Explicit support for Tattoo and similar low resolution phones. Note: The Tattoo camera has no autofocus, don't expect barcodes to scan.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.3

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.3:

- Preliminary 2.0 tuning. Shortlistad for SADC09.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.2

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.2:

- Optimized: quicker details in dialog - avoiding external browser. Warning at too quick Menu button clicks and lack of shops.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.1

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.1:

- Optimized: smaller and a bit faster. Verified on 1.6.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 1.0.0

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 1.0.0:

- Better interaction and retries for image dialogues. Various tuning.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.9

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.9:

- GPS/Triangulation tries to update occasionally. Balance against battery use.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.8

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.8:

- Performance improvement and refactoring.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.7

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.7:

- Contacts.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.6

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.6:

- Race problem in the map fixed. Progress indicator. 1.5 minimum.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.5

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.5:

- Shop name on Google Maps. Smarter zoom. FAQ.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.4

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.4:

- Settings. About dialogue.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.3

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.3:

- New icons. Radar. Closest shops on separate map.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.2

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.2:

- Call shop. Show selected shop in Google Maps -> navigation.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.10

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.10:

- New look, better interaction, bigger images, chain of shops in map, automatic selection on single search hit, stock icons, Contact groups, version history, etc.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.1

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.1:

- More info using long-press. Quicker calls.


  • [no files available]
Prisjakt 0.9.0

Description/changelog of Prisjakt 0.9.0:

First public beta.


  • [no files available]


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