Universal Androot

Universal Androot is an application that provides you with the root access for many Android devices.


Developer: Shaka Huang

Category: System

Latest version: 1.6.2 beta 5

Total versions: 9

Submitted: 30 Oct 2010

Updated: 30 Oct 2010


With the help of Universal Androot app one can root many different Android devices.


Universal Androot 1.6.2 beta 5 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.6.2 beta 5:

Released: August 30, 2010
- Added soft root widget, to use it please run soft root successfully at least once
- The /system/bin/su is a link to /system/xbin/su

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Universal Androot. If you are aware of a newer version of Universal Androot or an older one, which is not listed here, please feel free to add it!

Universal Androot 1.6.2 beta

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.6.2 beta:

Released: August 17, 2010.
- Added Soft root. To use it check "Root temporary" option. This may temporary get root on Desire/Legend/Wildfire, you have to root again after reboot.
- Added "Generate log in /sdcard" option, log file named "UniversalAndroot.log" will be generated in your SD card root directory.


Universal Androot 1.6.1

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.6.1:

Released: August 12, 2010.
- Tattoo support added
- Superuser update to version 2.3.1
- Clean up unnecessary temp file after root/unroot process


Universal Androot 1.5.3

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.5.3:

Released: August 8, 2010.
- Add drop-down menu for selecting versions of Superuser.apk. Default value will be matched with Android version on cellphone. Try "Do not install Superuser" if you have problem after rooting.
- Fix error in install_kit.sh (file permission / file existence)
- Fix WiFi turned on issue after rooting/unrooting


Universal Androot 1.5.2

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.5.2:

Released: August 8, 2010.
- Fix Superuser.apk not installed in Android 1.5.

Users of HTC Magic (1.5) / Tattoo (1.6) / Sony Ericsson X10 (Mini / Mini Pro) can try this version.

Important: Uninstall old version before installing new one.


Universal Androot 1.5.1

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.5.1:

Released: August 8, 2010.


Universal Androot 1.5

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.5:

Released: August 7, 2010.
- New option for not installing Superuser.apk, for those root operation succeed but could not run Root Explorer or SetCPU, try this option
- Show version name in title bar
- Prompt reminder if already rooted


Universal Androot 1.4

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.4:

Released: August 6, 2010.


Universal Androot 1.3

Description/changelog of Universal Androot 1.3:

Released: August 6, 2010.



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