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And Bible is an open source app to study the Bible on your Android mobile device.


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Developer: Martin Denham

Category: Reference

Latest version: 0.0.9

Total versions: 14

Submitted: 28 Nov 2010

Updated: 28 Nov 2010


And Bible application allows you to read the Bible and refer to commentaries wherever you are.

- over 40 English versions of the bible including ESV, KJV and NET
- the bible in over 50 different languages - Swedish, Hungarian, Chinese, Russian and more
- 26 commentaries
- uses the Java Sword engine from CrossWire
- user interface translated into many different languages
- you can add more bibles to the list via the CrossWire site

And Bible downloads bible documents and uses software from the CrossWire Bible Society (

The app is an open source project created under GNU Lesser General Public License.


And Bible 0.0.9 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.9:

Released: October 06, 2010.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of And Bible. If you are aware of a newer version of And Bible or an older one, which is not listed here, please feel free to add it!

And Bible 0.0.8

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.8:

Released: October 4, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.7

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.7:

Released: September 18, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.6

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.6:

Released: August 20, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.5

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.5:

Released: August 3, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.4

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.4:

Released: July 23, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.3

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.3:

Released: July 15, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.2

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.2:

Released: July 14, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.15

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.15:

Released: November 22, 2010.
- Send current verse via SMS.


And Bible 0.0.14

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.14:

Released: November 19, 2010.
- Strongs Numbers display and link to Strong's Dictionary
- Adjustable text size
- Bug fixes - App switching, dictionary
- Index download
- Percentage complete in download progress bar now reflects actual file size
- Delete document, About document accessible via context menu
- Quick switch to another bible/commentary via title bar buttons
- Copy current verse to Clipboard
- Smaller apk (reduced from 5 Mb to 1.5 Mb)
- D-Pad support for chapter changes


And Bible 0.0.13

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.13:

Released: October 23, 2010.
- fix a memory leak
- improve display of any error messages from JSword
- add Help page
- update App Market


And Bible 0.0.12

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.12:

Released: October 20, 2010.
- Simple dictionary prototype (no Strongs integration yet)
- New and tidier look
- Bug fixes


And Bible 0.0.11

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.11:

Released: October 08, 2010.


And Bible 0.0.1

Description/changelog of And Bible 0.0.1:

Released: July 14, 2010.



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