Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is a star map for Android, which turns your mobile phone into a window on the night sky.


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Developer: Google Inc.

Category: Reference

Latest version: 1.6

Total versions: 4

Submitted: 22 Jan 2010

Updated: 18 Nov 2010


Google Sky Map: A star map for Android.

Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky.

Time Travel feature lets you travel through time to view the sky as it looked in the past or as it will look in the future. You can also speed up time to watch events like eclipses and conjunctions.

Multi-touch feature allows you to zoom in/out or rotate the display using just two fingers on devices that support multi-touch input.


Google Sky Map 1.6 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Google Sky Map 1.6:

New features: Time Travel and Multi-Touch.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Google Sky Map.

Google Sky Map 1.5.2

Description/changelog of Google Sky Map 1.5.2:

1.5.2: Move app to sdcard (Android 2.2 users)


Google Sky Map 1.5.1

Description/changelog of Google Sky Map 1.5.1:

New in:
1.5.1: Fix for Android 1.5 users
1.5: Hubble Image GAllery. Internationalization. Magnetic Correction.


Google Sky Map 1.3

Description/changelog of Google Sky Map 1.3:

New in 1.3: Support for Hi-Res devices. Support for Motorola Cliq. New icon. Minor bug fixes.



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