Free Android applications, developed by CurveFish:

BatteryLife is a battery widget for the home screen of Android powered devices.

AppRemover app for Android allows you easy and fast uninstall applications from your device.

Brightness Level
Brightness Level is a widget, which allows you easily change screen brightness on your Android smartphone.

WiFi OnOff
WiFi OnOff is a simple WiFi toggle widget, which allows you to switch on/off your WiFi with only one click.

GPS OnOff is an android application from CurveFish, which lets you easily switch on or off your GPS.

SilentMode OnOff
SilentMode OnOff is a simple ringer volume toggle widget for Android phone that allows you to switch on/off ringer volume state with one click.

Bluetooth OnOff
Bluetooth OnOff is a simple toggle widget for Android powered phones to easily switch on/off Bluetooth functionality.


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