Mages Game Engine enables you to develop effective multi-player client/server internet games for mobile devices with minimum efforts.


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Developer: Pavlo Aksonov

Category: Games

Platform: Android

Submitted: 23 Apr 2008

Updated: 30 Oct 2008

Mages is multiplayer client/server game engine for Android and other mobile devices (currently Android and J2ME devices are supported, development for Windows Mobile in the progress). It allows developers to create internet multiplayer games by implementing only core game logic and GUI by using powerful engine API.

Developers can reuse effective Comet-based engine networking protocol, common game tasks like login to game server, retrieving of active player list, list of available game sessions, create new game session, join existing game, invite other player, just chat with opponents and many other features.

If a developer is implementing board game like Monopoly, Poker, Bridge or turn-based strategy the engine provides advanced timer control (time limit per move, per game and optional incremental time after each made move), game history (user could view game history back/forward in read-only mode), rating support, moves confirmation mechanism (server will send game moves until client confirms reception) for bad quality GPRS connection and restoring made moves after occasional quit from the game (because of connection drop or other issues).

Transport layer (i.e. how game players will communicate each other) is separated into independent services to allow pluggable exchange. Server side is based on GASP game platform with a lot of additional features (following major features were added to GASP: Comet support, base game entities management, timer control, rating support, active player list load, game invitation, move confirmation and automatic reload of player list and game list based on change timestamps - no extra traffic)

Mages site:

Mages for Android

Mages Game Engine enables you to develop effective multi-player client/server internet games for mobile devices with minimum efforts.

Mages 1.0.1 seem to be the latest available version for the Android platform. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

There are totally 1 version(s) of Mages for Android on this site. More details and all its versions are available on the Mages for Android portal.


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