There are 10 free applications for Windows Mobile in the Customization category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

SmartToolkit is an all-in-one system shell, which adds a lot of handy functions like Start Menu, Clipboard, Plugins, My Schedules.

Clock On Top
Clock On Top is a small utility, which adds a digital clock to the top bar of Windows Mobile.

SmartScheme is a color scheme maker and color scheme editor that you can use directly on your Smartphone.

SmartMonitor is a Home Screen plug-in for all versions of WM Smartphones, which displays both visual and textual representation of system variables.

kl1wdr-Smileys-HQ is a shiny dark-colored home screen for your smartphone from the popular Swiss designer Philipp Weder.

kl1wdr-Smileys-HQ-White is a cool white/grey colored home screen for your smartphone from the popular Swiss designer Philipp Weder.

Oxios Tasks Plugin
With Oxios Today Plugins your smartphone will be able to display your current tasks directly on the phones Home Screen.

iPhone SuperPack
The iPhone SuperPack set will turn your Pocket PC into iPhone... Well, not really, but it will look very much alike!

Zumobi is a free mobile widget application that delivers entertainment and information content to your phone in a fun and innovative way.

DockWare from Ilium Software is a desk calendar, clock and picture viewer for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices.


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Games (40)
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Multimedia (18)
Productivity (24)
Reference (14)
Travel (8)
Utilities (31)


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