Airplane Mode Wi-Fi

Airplane Mode Wi-Fi is an app that allows your Android device to connect to WiFi networks being on Airplane Mode.


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Developer: Daniel Velazco

Category: Travel

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Total versions: 1

Submitted: 6 Oct 2014

Updated: 6 Oct 2014


Airplane Mode Wi-Fi is a free Android tool that helps you manage your smartphone to connect to WiFi networks (wireles internet, or WiFi) while on Airplane Mode.

The app is quite easy to use, just press the buttons as they get active.

  1. Before take off, turn on airplane mode by pressing the "Airplane Mode" button. This will also enable the "Wi-fi On" button for later use (Your Wi-fi and Bluetooth will also be disabled, for now).
  2. When Wi-fi is allowed to be used, use the "Wi-fi On" button to turn on wi-fi, this will also open the wi-fi settings to connect to the airplane network's SSID. Some airlines require you to register or login, so make sure you go into the browser and follow directions before opening any other app since they might not work right away.
  3. When announced that wi-fi usage should stop, use the "Wi-fi Off" button to turn wi-fi off.
  4. After landing, use the "Landed" button to turn airplande mode off. This will turn airplane mode off and re-enable your phone usage as normal.

Airplane Mode Wi-Fi tool works with any version of Android, including 2.0+, however, it is only necessary if you have a device with Android 1.5-1.6. Android 2.0+ allows Wifi to be toggled while on Airplane Mode.

In app's preferences you can find some extra features that allow you to modify the system so that when you enable airplane mode, wifi/bluetooth stay on, and, are toggleable.

Bluetooth on Airplande Mode only works if your device is on Android 2.2+ and the device manufacturer allows it.


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