Persian Soft Keyboard

Persian Soft Keyboard is a Persian keyboard with good prediction dictionary for Persian words (plus slang).


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Developer: D. L. Yonge-Mallo

Category: System

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Total versions: 1

Submitted: 14 Oct 2014

Updated: 14 Oct 2014


Persian Soft Keyboard is an Android app that features complete Farsi support keyboard, note pad and translator (translation requires internet access).

It has good prediction dictionary for Persian words (including slang).

To begin using the Persian note pad press "Menu" and select "Add note". While editing a note, long-press the trackball to switch input methods.

The Persian Soft Keyboard works in any IME-aware application. To configure it, go to the "Locale & text" menu under "Settings". To switch between input methods, long-press the trackball in an edit field.

This app is meant only for people who can already display Persian on their phones, but have no means of input. If you see squares instead of Persian characters in an application, you need to install a Persian font and change the font for that application. How to do that depends on your particular Android phone's hardware and software.

Note: As any other soft keyboard, Persian Soft Keyboard can see anything you type when it is the active keyboard. As the developer declares, the app does not do anything with this information except to use it to guess what you're typing. Developer suggests: if you don't want your password, credit card number or other sensitive information to be read by the app, just switch to the default Android keyboard when you want to type something secret (unless, of course, your password is actually in Persian).


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Description/changelog of Persian Soft Keyboard

Fixed crash bug when switching IMEs.


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