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TIP Master is a simple tip calculator for BlackBerry that can also split the bill between several persons.


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Developer: BBerryOne

Category: Productivity

Latest version: 1.0.1

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 4 Dec 2010

Updated: 4 Dec 2010


TIP Master (also known as TIPMaster 2) enables you to calculate a tip excluding the impact of taxes and evenly divide it amongst your party.

To use TipMaster follow these simple steps:

1) Use your scroll wheel to scroll between the fields.

2) Use your number pad to key in your numbers and use the M key to enter a decimal. You don't need to shift to enter the decimal. if you need to add two numbers together just type in the first number select the + key found on the I button, no need to shift. then enter your second number and press return. If you need to subtract numbers, enter your first number followed by the - or U key and then your next number and press return.

3) If you want to edit a number scroll to that field and use the Backspace Delete key to erase your input and enter another number.

4) When you are done, exit the application.

5) Share with a friend, we would love you to share with your friends and people who aren't your friends, simply type in their name, email address and your name and press Send and your BlackBerry will do the rest.

The TIP Master tool was initially created by the Czech developer Eugene Krivenja. The copyright holder and distributor of the project is BBerryOne.


TIP Master 1.0.1 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of TIP Master 1.0.1:

TIP Master allows you to enter formulas into the pre-tax field and tax field so if you have a bill with a total less discount, now you can enter that in the pre-tax field. Have multiple taxes on your bill, you no longer have to do it in your head, just enter them in the tax field.

Requirements: OS 4.0 or higher.

The program supports both 240x260 and 320×240 screen resolutions. However for each screen resolution the is a separate installation archive. If you have a landscape 320×240 BlackBerry then download the TIP_Master_1.0.1_320×240.zip file. For the square-screen 240x260 BlackBerries download the TIP_Master_1.0.1_240x260.zip archive.


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