FExplorer for Series 60 is a popular file manager, which allows you to see the content on your phone's internal memory and memory card.


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Developer: Dominique Hugo

Category: System

Latest version: 1.17

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 9 Oct 2014

Updated: 9 Oct 2014


FExplorer for Series 60 is a popular file manager, which allows you to see the content on your phone's internal memory and memory card. With this file browser you can also explore the internal ROM drive, but you wont be able to change anything as it is read-only.

The application is very useful for organizing your files and pictures as well as for deleting of files that you don't need anymore and which spoil the phone's memory. Using a file manager for moving pictures around is often a lot quicker than using the integrated Images / Gallery application.

FExplorer also has a rich amount of useful functions. It has a built in basic text editor, a screen shot function, and a function to set an image file as the Operator Logo on the phone. You can also send files to other users over MMS, SMS, infrared and Bluetooth.


FileExplorer 1.17 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of FileExplorer 1.17:

Features of the Version 1.17:

  • Using the open function from the menu on a directory enters into this directory.
  • When entering in [processes] or [tasks] with the 'enter' key (joystick), the menu is updated with only [back].
  • When in [processes] or [tasks], the '*' go to the root and the menu (option/exit) is now back.
  • When using the up/down arrow to browse the files, if you use the shift (pencil), the current file is automatically marked
  • The editor has been re-written, it's now possible to edit a text file and to save it back either in Unicode or ASCII.
  • When applying attributes (hidden, read-only, ...) on a directory, you can choose to apply the changes on the selected directory only or the selected folder, subfolders and files.
  • When changing attributes, a confirmation message is displayed prior to apply the changes.
  • The confirmation message before exiting FE is removed and replace by a 'splashscreen' during the initialization time (thanks to FT - Riccardo D. for the wonderfull design).
  • Shortcut '8' has been added to rename a file.
  • It's now possible to choose with which installed application a file must be open ('open with...' function), this new settings is saved from one to another session of FExplorer, you can now choose your favorite MP3 player !
  • When a file is in used by the OS (locked), it's now possible to copy it.
  • The setting files can now be placed everywhere (not only in the directory of FExplorer) even in an other 'drive', this allows to put FExplorer in EEPROM (for the siemens for example ...).
  • It's now possible to set (in the settings) a password to enter in FExplorer, if this password is left blank, no password is required to run FExplorer, this password can have a length of 20 characters but it's not encrypted.
  • In the settings, it's now possible to choose if the system and hidden files must be displayed or not (in one time).
  • In the settings, it's now possible to choose between the 'true icon' associated with a file or some built-in icons (app/sounds/pictures), this increase drastically the display of content of a directory when there are a lot of files.
  • In some new phones (like the 6680,...) the icons (of the files, tasks, processes ...) are not displayed correctly, this is fixed (thanks to Panu V. /Nokia for his great help).

FileExplorer 1.17 comes in different languages packages. Just choose the right package for you and download it.

Requirements: Series 60 1st and 2nd edition.


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