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Free Windows Mobile applications, developed by Camillo Ferraris:

Millo Money
A personal bookkeeper or expense manager. When you use a credit card, go shopping or go on holiday, it is always better sign down what you spent.

Smart Blocks
It is a falling-blocks puzzle video game also known as Tetris. Line up 3 or more blocks horizontally, vertically or oblique.

Millo Notes
Millo Notes is a simple, lightweight and handy note taking application.

Millo Timecode
Millo Timecode is a simple tool to perform basic operations on video timings.


Games (40)
Finance (5)
Health (5)
Travel (8)
Reference (14)
Productivity (25)
Multimedia (18)
Communications (20)
Customization (10)
Utilities (29)
Internet (6)
Education (4)

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