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Free Windows Mobile applications, developed by Rey Vegafria:

Airfagev Mobile
Mobile edition and an offline-browser of the popular mobile community site

Glasgow Coma Scale
A medical application, which calculates the scale for assessing level of consciousness, particularly used in trauma.

RJV Sound Recorder
A free sound recorder for your smartphone with some enhanced features.

Airfagev MobileChat
Mobile Edition of the WEB chat, located on the popular mobile community site

Petals Around the Rose
A Smartphone simulation of the famous brain teaser of all time - Petals Around the Rose. The game is played with 5 six-sided dice.

RJV DateCalc
RJV DateCalc is a multi functional Date Calculator for Smartphone 2003 devices.

RJV Percentage Calc
A simple Web browser-based 2-way percentage calculator. What is A% of B? A is what percent of B?

RJV Calc
RJV Calc is a simple web browser based calculator, dedicated for mobile web browsers and requires JavaScript support.

RJV Pregnancy Calc
Computes the Expected Date of Conception (EDC), Age of Gestation (AOG) and Pregnancy Stage based on a given 1st day of Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

RJV RegTweaks UI
RJV RegTweaks UI is a free smartphone application that provides a user-friendly interface to some system settings, hidden in the system registry.

RJV Tone Setter
RJV Tone Setter is a free and handy utility for setting ringtone, SMS tone and system sounds. Can setup any WAV, MID, WMA and MP3 files as ringtons.


Games (40)
Finance (5)
Health (5)
Travel (8)
Reference (14)
Productivity (25)
Multimedia (18)
Communications (20)
Customization (10)
Utilities (29)
Internet (6)
Education (4)

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